Why Shopify is The Best E-Commerce Platform?

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms on the market today.
Here are the reasons:
  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy to use systems
  • Run your store on the minimum budget
  • Shopify offers great support to their customer
  • E-commerce features & tools
  • Thousands of available themes
  • 14-days free trial
  • Unlimited products and bandwidth


April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini

4 Ways to Clean Your Instagram

Is your Instagram feeling bloated?
Follow these tips to clean up your Instagram and improve your experience.

Unfollow accounts you don't interest with

Update your bio and other information

Check out the posts you have been tagged on and un-tag them if you find them irrelevant

Check the saved folder and un-save all the posts you don't need anymore


April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Online Store 2.0







April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini

5 Home Business Ideas

What is the best business to start at home?
Here are 5 Home Business Ideas you can start today!

1. Local Marketing Agency 

2. Content Creators

3. Content Agency

4. E-commerce

5. Trading Crypto


April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Klaviyo VS Mailchimp

When it comes to email marketing, online store owners can benefit from using a platform that is dedicated to their eCommerce marketing success.
These are the plus point of using Klaviyo:
  • Instant Integration
    Create Klaviyo account > Add your eCommerce store > Done. 
  • Real-time Database
    Your data, segments, and analytics are always up to date.
  • Multi-step Form
    Grow email and SMS lists and get more data for personalisation.
  • Built-in Automation
    Cart reminders, in-stock alerts, price drop alerts, and more. 
  • Powerful Segmentation
    Give one-to-one attention without it taking up your all attention.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Estimate next order date, churn risk, gender, and lifetime value.
  • Performance Report
    Track sales. Get insights. Auto-generate weekly reports.
  • Showcase
    Draw inspiration from 2.000+ top-performing emails and texts.


April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Shopify What's New? 2022

These 5 New Features Will Make Shopify the Ultimate Online Store 2.0

What Is Online Store 2.0?
Shopify has rebuilt three leading areas of its online store: Themes and the online editor, store content, and developer tools. For non-developers, the custom storefront with CMS improvements and the online editor will have more impact.

1. A Customizable Online Store
With the release of Online Store 2.0, your Shopify store will become modular and customizable. You can easily add and rearrange your webpage content with sections and blocks.

2. More Product Information to Attract Customers
Previously, you had to alter your code to add more information about product items, customers, or orders, which was difficult.
Now, with this update, you'll soon be able to add and modify meta fields from your Shopify dashboard without having to touch your code.

3. Better Checkout Experience
Checkout on Online Store 2.0 will be considerably faster, allowing any store to process tens of thousands of transactions per minute. Integration of custom app for checkout.

4. Buy Now, Pay Later Choice for Buyers
Shop Pay Installments will allow customers to buy now, pay later, or split their bills into four interest-free installments. The installment option, however, is available only in the US for orders between $50 and $1000.

5. The 'Dawn' of Online Store 2.0
Dawn, the open-source standard theme, is optimized for performance, versatility, and usability. The new default theme takes advantage of all of the Online Store 2.0


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Is Your Website Fully Optimised For Organic Marketing?

You want your customer's experience to be the best it can be when they visit your website, so you need to make sure it's optimised. Don't freak out! This isn't a list full of tech terms - it's just 10 simple-ish things for you to consider:

1. User-friendliness - Did you design your site with the potential customer in mind?
2. Ease of navigation - Is your site set up to provide a clear path to action for your customers?
3. Mobile responsiveness - Do you know if your site looks good and works well on various devices, not just your mobile?
4. Loading speed - Is your website quick to load?
5. Readability - Has your content been reviewed and proofread by someone else?
6. Contact details - Can your customers easily get in touch with you if they have questions?
7. Calls to action - Do your customers know what to do when they come to your website?
8. Opt-ins - Do you have an email list? Offer a value-packed freebie to encourage your customers to subscribe to your email list, providing future opportunities to nurture and connect.
9. Keywords - Have you used relevant keywords throughout your site?
10. Tracking - Do you know what’s bringing customers to your site?


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

10 Questions About Product Pages

These are 10 fundamental questions to ask when creating a solid product page. 

1. Do you have a clear call to action?
2. Do you have great product photos?
3. Do you have the right product photos?
4. Do you have enough details/features about the product?
5. Do you have a clear structure and hierarchy in copywriting?
6. Do you have a well-branded product page?
7. Do you have aspirational content?
8. Do you have content that sounds human? (Telling a story)
9. Do you have social proof?
10. Do you know your customer and what he wants?

There are a few more but the 10 labeled above serve a specific purpose in building a high-converting product page.


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Why We Engage?

Do you want more ENGAGEMENT on Instagram? Follow these tips!

People save content they want to come back to, so focus on creating actionable posts that really help to educate and inform!

People share content that they relate to, that affirms their views, or that they think would be useful to their audience!

Focus on micro-content such as relatable niche memes that make people laugh, inspiring quotes, or content with important information in that people will want to share

Start a conversation! Focus on creating content that gets people talking - think Controversial posts, or posts that will challenge or affirm a person’s opinion.

When we ‘like’ a post - we often do it subconsciously! It’s a trigger reaction that comes from something that appeals to our senses

Make your posts visually stimulating and beautiful! Stop the scroll with great graphics or stunning photography or style.


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Iconic Website Services


+ Shopify Design (From $600)
+ Shopify development ($80/hour)
+ Wordpress Design & Development (From $1000)
+ Facebook & Instagram Ads (From $950/month)
+ Instagram Organic Growth ($200/month)
+ Instagram Posts (From $200/month)
+ Klaviyo Email marketing (From $600)


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Increase Your Instagram Reach


+ Switch to a business profile

+ Optimise your profile: Keywords, Location, Linktree.

+ Post at the right time ( Check out your analytic to find out)

+ Use hashtags wisely: Use hashtags related and relevant to your niche ( Big and Small Hashtags)

+ Engagement is key: Engage with your audience! Before Posting, after Posting on daily basis.


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini

Why You Should Be Choosing Shopify Over Etsy?

What's the Difference Between Shopify and Etsy?

First of all, Shopify is an eCommerce platform, designed for people to set up and grow their online stores (check out some successful stores built with Shopify). It has a whole bunch of powerful eCommerce tools and apps to help you do this.

You create your very own eCommerce website, upload products, and track customer orders. It’s an easy way to build an online store.

Shopify PROS
+ Powerful e-commerce tools: Shopify has the best sales tools on the market.
+ Extremely scalable: Shopify is built for all store types, from the small business right up to big brands such as Penguin.
+ Sell unlimited products with no restrictions: There are no rules on the types of products you can sell!

Shopify CONS
- Exposure: 
Your traffic is dependent on your own brand, marketing, and exposure.
- Add-ons: Shopify has an impressive app store, but adding apps can make your monthly costs creep up, which could be problematic for small-scale sellers.

Etsy is a marketplace where you create an account and can then sell through it alongside lots of other Etsy sellers. It promotes itself as “a creative marketplace” and only sells handmade, vintage, or craft goods.

+ Traffic: 
Etsy is a marketplace, you don't have to worry about marketing or promoting your brand - you can rely on Etsy's popularity instead.
+ Ease of use: You just set up an account, upload product images and information, and start selling. 
+ Cost: You can sell on Etsy for no extra monthly charge on the Standard plan. 

- Transaction fees: 
You pay a $0.20 listing fee, plus a 5% transaction fee on items you sell through Etsy.
- Product restrictions: Etsy has firm rules about what you can sell through its marketplace.
- Creative control: Etsy's format means you don't have freedom over the layout or branding of your product pages. 




February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini