Our team is highly skilled in developing email marketing strategies and processes that generate the best clicks, opens and conversions possible. We are Klaviyo experts who can help create campaigns, flows and segmentations, to help get you the best return on investment. With years of experience, we know how to leverage Klaviyo to suit your specific needs and how to reach your business goals.

Klaviyo & Shopify

Klaviyo is one of the world’s top email marketing platforms which we can fully integrate with your Shopify store, allowing you to start sending better communications from the get-go.

Why We Love Klaviyo

+ Personalised Automation that triggers emails, capturing and engaging customers   

+ Enhanced Segmentation that uses events, locations and other key data points    

+ Data Science that helps to understand and predict your customers’ behaviour    

+ Full Lifecycle Engagement that helps better connect you with your customers every step of the journey

Know your Audience  

The in-depth data available allows for unlimited segmentation opportunities to create compelling campaigns tailored to specific audiences. By better understanding your customers and testing campaigns within key segments, we will help you to build better customer relationships and get the best ROI possible.

Create Personalised Experiences

We use Klaviyo and its capabilities to create specific, targeted, and effective email campaigns that see results. Through data science, we can better understand your customers and thereby ensure that you are ready to deliver personalised and relevant messages.   

From abandoned cart flows, post-purchase follow-up emails to personalised product recommendations, we will ensure your communications target the right customer with the right message at the right time.