These 5 New Features Will Make Shopify the Ultimate Online Store 2.0

What Is Online Store 2.0?
Shopify has rebuilt three leading areas of its online store: Themes and the online editor, store content, and developer tools. For non-developers, the custom storefront with CMS improvements and the online editor will have more impact.

1. A Customizable Online Store
With the release of Online Store 2.0, your Shopify store will become modular and customizable. You can easily add and rearrange your webpage content with sections and blocks.

2. More Product Information to Attract Customers
Previously, you had to alter your code to add more information about product items, customers, or orders, which was difficult.
Now, with this update, you'll soon be able to add and modify meta fields from your Shopify dashboard without having to touch your code.

3. Better Checkout Experience
Checkout on Online Store 2.0 will be considerably faster, allowing any store to process tens of thousands of transactions per minute. Integration of custom app for checkout.

4. Buy Now, Pay Later Choice for Buyers
Shop Pay Installments will allow customers to buy now, pay later, or split their bills into four interest-free installments. The installment option, however, is available only in the US for orders between $50 and $1000.

5. The 'Dawn' of Online Store 2.0
Dawn, the open-source standard theme, is optimized for performance, versatility, and usability. The new default theme takes advantage of all of the Online Store 2.0


February 24, 2022 — Morgane valentini