When it comes to email marketing, online store owners can benefit from using a platform that is dedicated to their eCommerce marketing success.
These are the plus point of using Klaviyo:
  • Instant Integration
    Create Klaviyo account > Add your eCommerce store > Done. 
  • Real-time Database
    Your data, segments, and analytics are always up to date.
  • Multi-step Form
    Grow email and SMS lists and get more data for personalisation.
  • Built-in Automation
    Cart reminders, in-stock alerts, price drop alerts, and more. 
  • Powerful Segmentation
    Give one-to-one attention without it taking up your all attention.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Estimate next order date, churn risk, gender, and lifetime value.
  • Performance Report
    Track sales. Get insights. Auto-generate weekly reports.
  • Showcase
    Draw inspiration from 2.000+ top-performing emails and texts.


April 07, 2022 — Morgane valentini